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About This Store

As an ex-teacher, and parent, I understand the stress that starting a new school can cause. Even though communication is better than it has ever been the simple truth is the sheer amount of information can lead to confusion. We wanted to make purchasing what your child needs simple and beneficial for the school. Rather than have parents traipse all over town looking for the 'right' pen, pencil or pencil case Harris Academy Falconwood have teamed up with School Bags Ready to provide you with a simple, quick and easy way to get the things that your child needs for school. We as a company are based in the UK and also pay the tax we are supposed to, no off-shore hiding for us! The school also benefits from all of the profits. By supporting this shop you are also supporting your child's education experience.  Finally, the environment benefits because we send all the items together from a warehouse based here in the UK, so our Carbon Footprint is as minimal as it can be.


To all of you, from all of us at the Store - Thank you for your custom!


Russ Sauntry

School Bags Ready